Webster Groves Stamp Club

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Using lists sent out to members of past programs and newspaper accounts of much older programs, we were able to compile these lists. It appears that in the last 100 years or so, the Webster Groves Stamp Club has only had 6 meeting places and moved up and down West Lockwood:

Date Program Presenter Location
January 03, 2020First Stamps of Countries on StampsAlan BaraschChurch
January 17, 2020Snow & IceCanceledChurch
February 07, 2020Stamps of BruneiCharles Lee GrassmanChurch
February 20, 2020GPS DinnerDieter Leder ♥Church
March 06, 2020Church closed for COVID-19CanceledZoom
March 20, 2020COVID-19 CancelationZoom
April 03, 2020COVID-19 CancelationZoom
April 17, 2020COVID-19 CancelationZoom
May 01, 2020COVID-19 CancelationZoom
May 15, 2020COVID-19 CancelationZoom
June 05, 2020First Zoom show - Open discussionAlan BaraschZoom
June 19, 2020Mystery ShowAlanZoom
July 03, 2020Disease on StampsAlan BaraschZoom
July 17, 2020Italian Cinderellas during World War IThomas MinorZoom
August 21, 2020Automobile Tax StampsDonald WoodworthZoom
September 04, 2020Show and TellMembersZoom
January 01, 2021New Year on StampsAlan BaraschZoom
January 15, 2021Show and TellMembersZoom
February 05, 2021Mid-Missouri: Using Post Office Forms to Understand 4th Class Post Office OperationsAlan Barasch and D. StraightZoom
February 19, 2021US Navy Receiving Ships Postal HistoryEdward BayhamZoom
March 05, 2021 Wyoming Early Post OfficesJames Faber ♥Zoom
March 19, 2021Carte de Visite - The Federal Tax on Civil War PhotographsDonald WoodworthZoom
April 02, 2021Battleships Carry the Mail - Or Don'tJim Hunt ♥Zoom
April 16, 2021Chili or Pepper? Is there a Difference?Alan BaraschZoom
May 07, 2021Why there was a One-and-one-half Cent Prexie?Robert Hohertz ♥Zoom
May 21, 2021Down the Hatch - Pneumatic MailDavid Straight & AlanZoom
June 04, 2021 1947 Series of Beers StampsEric LeeZoom
June 18, 2021Falkland Islands: Schlottfeldt CoversAlan BaraschZoom
July 02, 2021Disease on StampsAlan BaraschChurch
July 16, 2021Classic Spanish GossipTom MinorChurch
August 06, 2021Show and TellMembersChurch
August 12, 2021Great American Stamp ShowAPSChurch
August 20, 2021Philatelic Estate PlanningHarvey FlapdippleChurch
September 17, 2021Revenue somethingDonald WoodworthChurch
December 17, 2021Holiday ExtravaganzaMembersChurch
January 07, 2022Stamps of the COVID-19 EraAlan BaraschChurch
January 22, 2022Winter StampsAlan BaraschChurch
February 04, 2022Hart to Heart - a Valentine's theme based on US revenuesDon WoodworthChurch
February 18, 2022Scott #924 Telegraph StampEric Lee ♥Church
March 04, 2022EsperantoThomas MinorChurch
March 18, 2022Philatelic GenealogyAlan BaraschChurch
April 01, 2022Historical Gems in Cover ContentsEdward BayhamChurch
April 15, 2022Ryukyu Election CardsLee GrassmanChurch
May 06, 2022Airline LiveriesAlan BaraschChurch
May 20, 2022German currency conversion on 12/01/1923 Reichmark to RentonmarkMarcus MeyerottoChurch
June 03, 2022Future DeliveryDon WoodworthChurch
June 17, 2022Joint Issues of the WorldAlan BaraschChurch
July 01, 2022Second Issue Revenue StampsDon WoodworthChurch
July 15, 2022Demo of New Auction TrackerMembersChurch
August 05, 2022Hong KongDavid GriesedieckChurch
August 19, 2022Falkland Islands: The Schlottfeldt YearsAlan BaraschChurch
September 02, 2022Saint HelenaAlan BaraschChurch
September 16, 2022Queen Elizabeth - In MemoriamHarvey FlapdippleChurch
October 07, 2022Wonderful World of TopicalsAlanChurch
October 21, 2022Leipzig Fair 1914 - Labels and CinderellasMarucs MeyerottoChurch
November 04, 2022United States Revenue Stamps that Funded the American Civil WarDonald WoodworthChurch
November 18, 2022SarawakCharles Lee GrassmanChurch
December 02, 2022Telegraph StampsRobert Hohertz ♥Church
December 16, 2022Holiday PartyMembersChurch
January 06, 2023Poster stamp Advertising on CoverThomas A. MinorChurch
January 20, 2023Grimsland Exhibition LabelsEric LeeChurch
February 03, 2023Spicy ThingsAlan BaraschChurch
February 17, 2023By the NumbersDonald WoodworthZoom
March 03, 2023Elephants on StampsHarvey FlapdippleChurch
March 17, 2023Who Wrote the Book of Love?Alan BaraschZoom
April 07, 2023Computers, Computing, and TechnologyAlan practisesChurch
April 21, 2023Take a Walk on the Weird SideWayne Youngblood ♥Zoom
May 05, 2023RyukyuCharles Lee GrassmanChurch
May 19, 2023Monroe County, IN Post OfficesMarge Faber ♥Zoom
June 02, 2023Penguins on Stamps of Falkland IslandsAlan BaraschChurch
June 16, 2023Philatelic CensusesAlan BaraschZoom
July 07, 2023Zeppelin LoveThomas A. MinorChurch
July 21, 2023Local Yokels AND What was that sucking sound?Nelson Laffey ♥Zoom
August 04, 2023BIOT ZESDavid GriesedieckChurch
August 18, 2023Reports on GASS 2023VariousZoom
September 01, 2023COVID-19 on StampsAlan BaraschChurch
September 15, 2023National Park Stickers 1920s to 1940Robert Hohertz ♥Zoom
October 06, 2023A is for …Alan BaraschChurch
October 20, 2023It's in the Mail (or at least taxed)Wayne Youngblood ♥Zoom
November 03, 2023Sterling Debenture CorporationEric Lee ♥Church
November 24, 2023Sugar & Spice on StampsVera Felts ♥Zoom
December 01, 2023Holiday PartyMembersChurch
December 15, 2023Collecting Revenue Stamps on the (Very) Cheap!Donald WoodworthZoom
January 05, 2024Isle of RhodesAlan BaraschChurch
January 19, 2024Zoom