Webster Groves Stamp Club

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Using lists sent out to members of past programs and newspaper accounts of much older programs, we were able to compile these lists. It appears that in the last 100 years or so, the Webster Groves Stamp Club has only hasd 6 meeting places and moved up and down W. Lockwood:

January 22, 1960Stamps of the VaticanRobert J. HutchesonReliable Ins
February 04, 1960Valentine CoversElizabeth C. PopeReliable Ins
May 20, 1960Election of OfficersMembersReliable Ins
November 18, 1960Major AuctionHans StoltzReliable Ins
April 28, 1961Spanish Postage StampsElizabeth C. PopeReliable Ins
December 01, 1961Confederate Postal HistoryJohn A. Fox ♥Reliable Ins
January 04, 1963United States AirmailsJ. George OstertagReliable Ins
January 18, 1963Mint vs Used StampsPanel discussionReliable Ins
April 05, 1963Philatelic InformationPanel discussionReliable Ins
September 06, 1963Philatelic PitfallsJohn D. Pope, IIIReliable Ins
September 20, 1963RgyptFred ArnoldReliable Ins
October 04, 1963What is The Face Value?Harry GarrelsReliable Ins
October 18, 1963Film: 24 X 36 MessengerUS Postal AdministrationReliable Ins
November 15, 1963Donation AuctionCommitteeReliable Ins
December 06, 1963Masonic Stamp ClubunkReliable Ins
January 17, 1964What's Your Collecting GoalJohn D. Pope, IIIReliable Ins
March 06, 1964Confederate CoversRobert L. D. Davidson ♥Reliable Ins
March 20, 1964St Louis Postal HistoryS. M. ArnoldReliable Ins
April 03, 1964Cover ContestMembersReliable Ins
May 15, 1964Stamps of GreeceRalph LeimanReliable Ins
September 04, 1964Philatelic HousekeepingJohn D. Pope, IIIReliable Ins
September 18, 1964Stamp PicturesRoy HodgesReliable Ins
November 06, 1964US Postamsters' ProvisionalsJohn D. Pope, IIIReliable Ins
December 04, 1964No Matter How You Look at ItG. William SchallReliable Ins
January 08, 1965Scouts on StampsLloyd WatellWG Library
February 05, 1965Unlisted and Misc Material of CzechoslovakiaJames W. AdlerWG Library
March 12, 1965Postage Stamps issued in 1847Mrs. Laurence Hayes ♥WG Library
December 03, 1965US Locals and CarriersJohn A. Fox ♥WG Library
March 04, 1966Famous Stamps I Have KnownDr Laurence W. Hayes, JrWG Library
April 21, 1966Texas Postal HistoryS. M. ArnoldWG Library
October 21, 1966Quiz on Philatelic HistoryElizabeth C. PopeWG Library
February 03, 1967Scout Jamboree StampsLloyd WatellWG Library
March 17, 1967"Stampede West" - Story of '49ersWilliam H. SemsrottWG Library
April 07, 1967Oklahoma TerritorialsS. M. ArnoldWG Library
April 21, 1967Rarest StampsJohn A. Fox ♥WG Library
May 05, 1967Tour of Main St Louis POMembers and familiesWG Library
October 06, 1967Narrates UNPA FilmBetty BusiekWG Library
October 20, 196720th Century US StampsJohn D. Pope, IIIWG Library
November 03, 1967Comments on CollectingR. D. L. Davidson ♥WG Library
November 05, 1967unknownR. L. D. Davidson ♥WG Library
December 01, 1967US AirmailsJ. George OstertagWG Library
December 15, 1967Swap and ShopPublicWG Library
January 05, 1968PrecancelsPaul YellenWG Library
February 02, 1968Alaskan CoversJames J. Matejka, Jr ♥WG Library
February 16, 1968First Day CoversEldon O. AhmanWG Library
March 01, 1968American Beauties in ColorWilliam I. SemsrottWG Library
March 15, 1968GermanyJohn OssenfortWG Library
May 03, 1968Missouri MarkingsJames W. AdlerWG Trust Co
September 20, 1968A Look at my CollectionE. J. BrockmeyerWG Trust Co
October 18, 1968How Condition Determines PriceJohn D. Pope, IIIWG Trust Co
November 01, 1968Pioneer Airmail Efforts of GermanyJames W. AdlerWG Trust Co
November 15, 1968Stamps of TibetDaniel Dohm JrWG Trust Co
December 20, 1968TopicalsSPA slide showWG Trust Co
January 19, 1969An Arnold AlbumS. M. ArnoldWG Trust Co
February 21, 1969Match and Medicine StampsEldon O. AhmanWG Trust Co
March 07, 1969Reoccupation and Reopening the Post Offices of the Souther States 1861-65Scott Gallagher ♥WG Trust Co
March 21, 1969Private Post of the United StatesS. M. ArnoldWG Trust Co
May 02, 1969St Louis Street Railway CancelsWilliam H. SemsrottWG Trust Co
May 16, 1969Transatlantic Covers Before 1860John R. Green, IIWG Trust Co
September 19, 1969Lincoln Society of PhilatellyDavid KeefeWG Trust Co
October 03, 1969Canadian RevenuesFrank OakesWG Trust Co
December 05, 19691948 Hand-overprints of GermanyG. A. Rehme, JrWG Trust Co