Webster Groves Stamp Club

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Using lists sent out to members of past programs and newspaper accounts of much older programs, we were able to compile these lists. It appears that in the last 100 years or so, the Webster Groves Stamp Club has only hasd 6 meeting places and moved up and down W. Lockwood:

January 01, 2010Odds & EndsDavid StraightChurch
January 15, 2010Worcester, MassDr David SimmonsChurch
February 05, 2010US Parcel PostG. Scott Ward ♥Church
February 19, 2010Cape Girardeau, MOMichael NickelChurch
March 05, 2010WWII PostcardsFred LongshawChurch
March 15, 2010US Stampless LettersDr Richard Millett ♥Church
April 02, 2010Youth PhilatelyAlex HaimannChurch
April 16, 2010Powell BrothersMarge Faber ♥Church
May 07, 2010Berlin Airmail 1948-50Anthony Brooks ♥Church
May 21, 2010Swiss FondueDr Heinrich HeissingerChurch
June 04, 2010Major AuctionHans StoltzChurch
June 18, 2010V-MailDiana SadlerChurch
July 02, 2010Show & TellMembersChurch
July 16, 2010Allied Military GovernmentDavid Durbin ♥Church
August 06, 2010Government DocumentsBarb RehkopChurch
August 20, 2010Christopher ColumbusOverton HarrisChurch
September 17, 2010Boone County, MOMichael NickelChurch
October 01, 2010Victorian Ceylon CancelsKathy Johnson ♥Church
October 15, 2010Travers Papers UpdateThomas Alexander ♥Church
November 05, 2010Cinderella PhilatelyKenneth Grant ♥Church
November 19, 2010Connecticut Revenue Stamped PaperDonald WoodworthChurch
December 03, 2010History of PostcardsRichard BenjaminChurch
December 17, 2010The Grading ThingPaul AlbanoChurch
January 07, 2011Stamps R ArtElizabeth NettlesChurch
January 21, 2011Gatherin' the NewsDavid StraightChurch
February 04, 2011ATAVera FeltsChurch
February 18, 2011America by WaterJohn PhillipsChurch
March 04, 2011Asiatic FleetHenry Sweets III ♥Church
March 18, 2011Fancy Cancels 1851-1868Wade Saadi ♥Church
April 01, 2011TBANelson LaffeyChurch
April 15, 2011Swiss Volunteers in WWIIMichael PeterChurch
May 06, 2011Travers Papers UpdateThomas Alexander ♥Church
May 20, 2011Collection of David SimmonsLiterature AuctionChurch
June 03, 2011Nova ScotiaAlan BaraschChurch
June 17, 2011Great BritainRyan Wellmaker ♥Church
July 01, 2011Cabooses UsesRobert HansonChurch
July 15, 2011Trip on the PikeMike TruaxChurch
August 05, 2011News by MailDavid StraightChurch
August 19, 2011Great BritainRyan WellmakerChurch
September 02, 2011TBDCharles Lee GrassmanChurch
September 16, 2011TBDRobert Zeigler ♥Church
October 07, 2011A Confederate CorresponceJoe Crosby ♥Church
October 21, 2011ProofsGuy GasserChurch
November 04, 2011Errors, Freaks, and OdditiesWayne YoungbloodChurch
November 18, 2011Belgian HistoryRobert MahoneyChurch
December 02, 2011TBDGene StewartChurch
December 16, 2011WineDonald WoodworthChurch
January 06, 2012PhilippinesDavid DurbinChurch
January 20, 2012Local PostsDavid StraightChurch
March 02, 2012Postal StationeryDr. Denny Donnell ♥Church
March 16, 2012Mechanization of the MailKen Martin ♥Church
April 06, 2012Rural Free DeliveryGary G. HendrenChurch
April 20, 2012Walk Along Nassau StreetSteven Rod ♥Church
May 04, 2012Malaya EmergencyJanet Klug ♥Church
June 01, 2012Esoteric Something: Captain Tim, Thrilling Adventures in Stamps and Tasco stuffWayne YoungbloodChurch
June 15, 2012Charlemagne TowerRobert Metcalf ♥Church
July 06, 2012People & Places of WWIAlan BaraschChurch
July 20, 2012Federal Arts ProjectsDr Mary E. Thompson ♥Church
August 03, 2012Switzerland WWIIRobert Zeigler ♥Church
August 17, 2012St Louis Commerce coversElizabeth NettlesChurch
August 31, 2012FDR First Day CoversEliott Landau ♥Church
September 21, 2012unkKathy Johnson ♥Church
October 05, 2012Current Stamp MarketDamian Johnson ♥Church
October 19, 2012LundyRichard Drews ♥Church
November 02, 2012Visitors to the FairMike TruaxChurch
November 06, 2012POs in Territorial MissouriRobert SchultzChurch
December 07, 2012December 7, 1941 CoversGary G. HendrenChurch
December 21, 2012Christmas CinderellasThomas MinorChurch
January 04, 2013Isle of RhodesAlan BaraschChurch
February 15, 2013 Choosing a Philatelic TopicVera Felts ♥Church
March 01, 2013Postcard condition considerations for the ‘other’ sideFred LongshawChurch
May 03, 2013A Tour of Philately Guided By Unusual, Unexpected & Unique Stamps & CoversAlex HaimannChurch
May 17, 2013Stamps as tools of international political propagandaRichard Millett ♥Church
June 07, 2013Hits & Myths, The impossible search for the perfect stamp hingeWayne YoungbloodChurch
June 21, 2013Dire StraitsDonald WoodworthChurch
July 05, 2013Show and TellMembersChurch
July 19, 2013ConfederatesDavid KolsChurch
August 02, 2013Burma - King George VI StampsMike Ley ♥Church
August 16, 2013Hawaiian OfficialsElizabeth NettlesChurch
September 06, 2013The Corner DrugKen Trettin ♥Church
September 20, 2013unknownTim Wait ♥Church
October 04, 2013Mark Twain & Hannibal FDCsHenry Sweets III ♥Church
October 18, 2013Wine on StampsDavid WoldersbergerChurch
November 01, 2013State Marijuana Tax StampsRob Henak ♥Church
November 15, 2013unkAlan BaraschChurch
December 06, 2013Danish West IndiesSean SunderlageChurch
December 20, 2013Holidays Stamps and cookiesMembersChurch
January 03, 2014Canadian ArcticDavid GriesedieckChurch
January 17, 2014Show & TellMembersChurch
February 03, 2014Potato Tax StampsDonald WoodworthChurch
February 21, 2014Spicy ThingsAlan Barasch and Yayne YoungbloodChurch
March 07, 2014St. Patrick, MO - The only St. Patrick in the WorldGary G. HendrenChurch
March 21, 2014How the Machins Got Their (Phosphor) StripesSteve McGill ♥Church
April 04, 2014State Marijuana Tax StampsRob Henak ♥Church
May 18, 2014Visitors to the FairMike TruaxChurch
March 06, 2015A Postcard from ParisT.G. RehkopChurch
March 20, 2015HingesWayne YoungbloodChurch
April 03, 2015Good Friday and PassoverNo MeetingChurch
April 17, 2015SpudsRob Henak ♥Church
May 01, 2015Danish West IndiesSean SunderlageChurch
May 15, 2015The first provisional issue of Arequipa, PeruJim Hunt ♥Church
June 05, 2015Plate Block CollectingThomas A. MinorChurch
June 19, 2015Scanning and Building a Philatelic PowerPoint PresentationAlan BaraschChurch
July 17, 2015Conducting a Philatelic CensusAlan BaraschChurch
August 07, 201525¢ Snowflake EnvelopeWayne YoungbloodChurch
August 21, 2015Show and TellMembersChurch
September 04, 2015Descendants of Queen Victoria on StampsAlan BaraschChurch
September 18, 2015Germany topicMarcus MeyerottoChurch
October 02, 2015Cranberry IslesT. G. RehkopChurch
October 16, 2015Computing & Technology ReduxAlan BaraschChurch
November 06, 2015First Issue Revenue Stamps as Economic IndicatorDonald WoodworthChurch
November 20, 2015US Special Delivery Stamps on Inbound Foreign MailNathan EsbeckChurch
December 04, 2015Danish EssaysCharles Lee GrassmanChurch
December 18, 2015Holiday PartyMembersChurch
January 01, 2016Stamps related to New YearAlan BaraschChurch
January 15, 2016Pioneer St Louis AirmailsGary G. HendrenChurch
February 05, 2016NYC2016Wayne YoungbloodChurch
March 04, 2016Confederate Postmaster ProvisionalsDavid GriesedieckChurch
March 18, 2016The Minnesota Ox Cart Stamp (1949)Ken Nilsestuen ♥Church
April 01, 2016Writing about StampsFred Baumann ♥Church
April 14, 2016Highlights of HM Queen Elizabeth II’s philatelic collectionMichael Sefi, LVO, RDP ♥Church
May 06, 2016Anniversary of the Penny BlackAlex HaimannChurch
June 03, 2016Impressions of World Stamp Exhibition NY2016Alan BaraschChurch
June 17, 2016Surprise!Wayne YoungbloodChurch
July 01, 2016Estate Planning for PhilatelistsComedy duo of Wayne & AlanChurch
July 15, 2016Pioneer Airmails & Foreign Exchange OfficeGary G. HendrenChurch
August 05, 2016Members Show and TellMembersChurch
August 19, 2016Occupation of the Dodecanese IslandsAlan BaraschChurch
September 02, 2016The Odd Thing is... ...taking a walk on the weird sideWayne YoungbloodChurch
September 16, 2016A Few of my favorite Deutsche ThingsGene StewartChurch
October 07, 2016Tribute to outgoing Program Chair; Wayne YoungbloodVariousChurch
October 17, 2016Fun Stories, Stamps & Adventures from Fifty Years in PhilatelyDavid Beech, OBE ♥Church
November 18, 2016Distilled Spirits Excise Tax Stamps and Rectification Tax StampsDonald WoodworthChurch
December 02, 2016World War II-The Alpha & OmegaGary G. HendrenChurch
December 16, 2016Massive SnowstormCanceledChurch
January 06, 2017Holiday PartyMembersChurch
January 20, 2017It's in the Mail...or at least taxedWayne YoungbloodChurch
February 03, 2017Commercial Aircraft: National LiveriesAlan BaraschChurch
February 17, 2017The St. Louis Battleships: Proprietaries of Hearst’s WarWayne YoungbloodChurch
March 17, 2017St Patrick’s StampsGary G. HendrenChurch
April 07, 2017Ryukyu ErrorsCharles Lee GrassmanChurch
April 21, 2017World War I CinderellasThomas A. MinorChurch
May 05, 2017The Picture is the SameAlan BaraschChurch
May 19, 2017Missouri Post Offices’ Last DaysGary G. HendrenChurch
June 02, 2017McDonald Territory, MissouriAlan BaraschChurch
June 16, 2017Sex and the Single Stamp CollectorDonald WoodworthChurch
July 07, 2017Ryukyu Postmasters ProvisionalsCharles Lee GrassmanChurch
July 21, 2017Lions…and they don’t all come from AfricaAlan BaraschChurch
August 04, 2017A Case for Cards vs. CoversEd BayhamChurch
August 18, 2017The Conspiracy against E.G. LewisAlan Barasch & David StraightChurch
September 01, 2017Missouri Fancy Cancels - Part IGary G. HendrenChurch
September 15, 2017Ryukyu RevenuesCharles Lee GrassmanChurch
October 06, 2017Colorful SardiniaDavid GriesedieckChurch
October 20, 2017Conducting a Philatelic CensusAlan BaraschChurch
November 03, 2017America’s Ugliest Revenue StampsDonald WoodworthChurch
November 17, 2017Show and TellMembersChurch
December 01, 2017Retracing a Global TrekEd BayhamChurch
December 15, 2017Channukah Stamps and Holiday PartyAlan BaraschChurch
January 05, 2018Saint Louis Fancy CancelsGary G. HendrenChurch
January 19, 2018Stamps of Rodos – Including Ottoman, Italian, German, and British occupationAlan BaraschChurch
February 16, 2018unkDonald WoodworthChurch
March 02, 2018 “Computers, Technology, and the Internet” on StampsAlan BaraschChurch
March 16, 2018St Louis Streetcar MailGary G. HendrenChurch
April 06, 2018USS Vincennes sagaEd BayhamChurch
April 20, 2018Car[atho-UkraineDavid GriesedieckChurch
May 04, 2018GreenlandCharles Lee GrassmanChurch
May 18, 2018SurpriseMarcus MeyerottoChurch
June 13, 2018unkAlex HaimannChurch
July 06, 2018Adventures in Stamp DealingGene StewartChurch
July 20, 2018Something GermanDan LinsayChurch
August 03, 2018Ryukyu Postal StationeryLee GrassmanChurch
September 07, 2018What is a Cover? This presentation was previously shared by David Straight in 2010.Alan BaraschChurch
September 21, 2018Poster StampsThomas A. MinorChurch
October 05, 2018Germany - Paying Postage in December 1923Marcus MeyerottoChurch
October 19, 2018Bring your Computing QuestionsAlan BaraschChurch
November 02, 2018Future Delivery Revenue StampsDonald WoodworthChurch
November 16, 2018Spanish Municipals: Postage Stamps or Cinderellas?Ed BayhamChurch
December 07, 2018World War II: The Alpha and OmegaGary G. HendrenChurch
December 21, 2018Winter StampsAlan BaraschChurch
January 18, 2019Food on Stamps ~ Yummy!Alan BaraschChurch
February 01, 2019A Gathering of EaglesDonald WoodworthChurch
February 15, 2019SnowCanceledZoom
March 01, 2019YemenDavid GriesedieckChurch
March 15, 2019Beware the Ides of MarchAlan BaraschChurch
April 05, 2019Resumption of German Airmail in 1946unk ♥Church
April 19, 2019Canceled - Good Friday & PassoverNoneChurch
May 03, 2019US Navy Yangtze River Patrol - 1854-1949Edward BayhamChurch
May 17, 20191948 Poultry Industry StampMatt ErnstChurch
June 07, 2019TBDAlan BaraschChurch
June 21, 2019RevenuesDonald WoodworthChurch
July 05, 2019APS Summer Seminar reviewGary G. HendrenChurch
July 19, 2019Ryukyu ProvisionalsCharles Lee GrassmanChurch
August 02, 2019Show and TellMembersChurch
August 16, 2019FDCs of 1940 Mark Twain stampGary HendrenChurch
September 06, 2019Polish Hyper-Inflation 1924Marcus MeyerottoChurch
September 20, 2019Saint Louis 1900-1904 The Cinderella FadThomas MinorChurch
October 18, 2019Northern Mariana Islands.David GriesedieckChurch
November 01, 2019Wine StampsDonald WoodworthChurch
November 15, 2019United States Federal Beer Tax StampsEric Lee ♥Church
December 06, 20191962 Malaria Eradication Issues.Edward BayhamChurch
December 20, 2019Holiday PartyMembersChurch