Webster Groves Stamp Club

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Using lists sent out to members of past programs and newspaper accounts of much older programs, we were able to compile these lists. It appears that in the last 100 years or so, the Webster Groves Stamp Club has only hasd 6 meeting places and moved up and down W. Lockwood:

February 06, 1970Benelux CountriesRichard HahnWG Trust Co
March 06, 1970HandbooksElizabeth PopeWG Trust Co
April 17, 1970Postal MarkingsWilliam H. SemsrottWG Trust Co
October 16, 1970Precanceled StampsWilliam SchallWG Trust Co
November 20, 1970Major AuctionEd BrockmeyerWG Trust Co
December 04, 1970StampsHarry GarrelsWG Trust Co
December 18, 1970Christmas PartyMembersWG Trust Co
January 22, 1971Paper for StampsDr David I. TaylorWG Trust Co
February 19, 1971unkwownEldon O. AhmanWG Trust Co
April 02, 1971unknownJohn A. Fox ♥WG Trust Co
May 21, 1971Eisenhower StampsDavid KeefeWG Trust Co
October 01, 1971The Usages of the 1851-61 IsssuesR. L. D. Davidson ♥WG Trust Co
December 03, 1971Stamps of HawaiiE. C. MakinWG Trust Co
April 07, 1972Eastern SilesiaJames W. AdlerWG Trust Co
October 11, 1972Pony Express coversMarc Haas ♥WG Trust Co
November 03, 1972Catalogue CommentsJohn D. Pope, IIIWG Trust Co
January 05, 1973Issues of the German StatesJames W. AdlerWG Trust Co
February 02, 1973Paintings on StampsArthur RosenbergWG Trust Co
March 09, 1973Kentucky ConfederatesScott Gallagher ♥WG Trust Co
April 01, 1973Early St Louis CoversWilliam H. SemsrottWG Trust Co
April 20, 1973Philatelic TerminologyJohn D. Pope, IIIWG Trust Co
May 04, 1973Outstanding Items from his AuctionsRobert A. Siegel ♥WG Trust Co
April 05, 1974Classic StampsScott Gallagher ♥WG Trust Co
April 19, 1974EyecatchersArthur RosenbergWG Trust Co
December 20, 1974unknownElizabeth C. PopeWG Trust Co
September 17, 1976Holy Land OphilatelyDr Aaron HendinWG Trust Co
November 12, 1976Austrialan StampsSomeoneWG Trust Co
January 21, 1977Jamaican Postal StationeryRobert SchultzWG Trust Co
April 08, 1977Missouri Postal HistoryunknownWG Trust Co
August 19, 1977Israel's StampsunknownWG Trust Co
August 19, 1977The Stamps of IsraelDr Aaron HendinWG Trust Co
September 02, 1977Forerunners of the UNRobert B. SmithWG Trust Co
December 02, 1977Patriotic Post CardsRalph L. GrumkeWG Trust Co
March 03, 1978Postmasters ProvinialsJohn D. Pope, IIIWG Trust Co
July 07, 1978Riverboat MailAlan T. AtkinsWG Trust Co
July 21, 1978Major AuctionHans StoltzWG Trust Co
August 04, 1978US FreaksJames W. AdlerWG Trust Co
August 17, 1978Philatelic PapersJames McCalpinWG Trust Co
August 18, 1978PapersJames McCalpinWG Trust Co
September 01, 1978HawaiiJerry HeltibrandWG Trust Co
September 15, 1978First Issue of AustriaHans StoltzWG Trust Co
September 15, 1978Austria, First IssueHans StoltzWG Trust Co
October 06, 1978Kicking MulesJohn D. Pope, IIIWG Trust Co
October 20, 1978St Louis on StampsAllan KoplarWG Trust Co
November 05, 1978AuctionHans StoltzWG Trust Co
November 17, 1978SCADTARichard HahnWG Trust Co
December 01, 1978American Bank Note Co.John RoodWG Trust Co
December 15, 1978Religion on StampsDr. Aaron HendinWG Trust Co
January 19, 1979Trans-Mississippi Exposition StampsJ. George OstertagWG Trust Co
April 06, 1979Connoisseir's ChoiceMarc Haas ♥WG Trust Co
April 20, 1979Newfoundland AirmailsHans StoltzWG Trust Co
June 15, 1979Kansas TerritoryThomas J. Alexander ♥WG Trust Co
July 20, 1979The Beginnungs of First Day CoversWalter I. EvansWG Trust Co
August 17, 19791847 Combination CoversJohn D. Pope, IIIWG Trust Co
October 12, 1979GreeceunknownWG Trust Co