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The Webster Grove Stamp Club is one of the oldest stamp clubs in the St. Louis, MO metropolitan area. It was founded in 1928. There are about 75 members.

We meet the 1st and 3rd Friday evenings each month at 8:00 PM Central .

In the course of a year, there is something that appeals to everyone. 

Of the various clubs in the St. Louis area, Webster Groves attracts the most advanced collectors.

In the event of snow, hurricane, blizzard, swarm of locusts, etc., Alan will send a Zoom invitation on the Friday afternoon.

Meeting Changes

On 20 January 2023, members in attenance voted to change to one in-person meeting and one Zoom meeting each month. The 1st Friday night of each month will be In-person and the 3rd Friday night will be conducted on Zoom. Paid and honorary members will receive the Zoom link in their regular meeting email. Auctions will only be conducted at the In-person meeting until we find a way to present items for sale easily on Zoom and collect from bidders.


Date Program Presenter Location
January 05,2024Isle of RhodesAlan BaraschChurch
January 19Tribute to Elizabeth IIHarvey FlapdippleZoom
February 02Country IdentifierAlan BaraschChurch
February 16Preview of Poster Stamp ConventionThomas A. MinorZoom
March 01Will the Circle of Life be UnbrokenDonald WoodworthChurch
March 15Airline Liveries on StampsAlan BaraschZoom
April 05Sakhalin Island and the KurilesDavid GriesedieckChurch
April 19Post Offices of Monroe County IndianaMarge Faber ♥Zoom
May 03Building the Eads Bridge, 150 Years AgoThomas A. MinorChurch
May 17The Greatest Invention in the WorldAlan BaraschZoom
June 07Surprise RevenueDonald WoodworthChurch
June 21Flag StampsAlan BaraschZoom
July 05Show & TellMembers bring somethingChurch
July 19Philatelic CensusAlan BaraschZoom
August 02Church
August 16not AlanZoom
September 06Church
September 20Zoom
October 04Church
October 18Zoom
November 01Revenue Surprise programDonald WoodwortrhChurch
November 15Zoom
December 06Holiday PartyMembersChurch
December 20Zoom
January 03, 2025Church


 ⚫Notice to presenters: If you require a projector, special materials, or a computer, please advise the Secretary by clicking on the Webster link below. An email pops up with address automatically. Programs presented whether in-person should be limited to 35 minutes with plenty of time for quuestions from the audience.

The  ♥ symbol denotes an out-of-town speaker or member speaker that is not local.

Recordings from 3rd Friday Meetings

For best results, copy (Ctrl+C) the Passcode before clicking the link.

Why you Need a Philatelic CensusAlan BaraschPhilatelic Censuspp#t#J4HMk07/19/2024
Flags on StampsAlan BaraschFlags on Stamps5RXV!HU$Uf06/21/2024
Post Offices of Madison County IndianaMarge FaberMadison County INjLA$=M0UkG04/19/2024
Airline Liveries on StampsAlan BaraschAirline LiveryL2A$7JSKNQ03/15/2024
Collecting Stamps on the (Very) CheapDonald WoodworthCheap Stamps&T%g?7+H$512/15/2023
Sugar and Spice on StampsVera FeltsSugar and SpicezUG%8AF$$F11/24/2023
It's in the Mail (or at least Taxed)Wayne YoungbloodNo longer available10/20/2023

Files before 10/1/2023 were deleted to make space on the Zoom server.

For a list of previous programs 1934 to present, try this out. The list is being added to a database and is updated frequently.


Get the list for the next auction here; it is available as both an Excel download and a webpage.

To place bids for the upcoming sale, send your bid in email (this link pops up your email with the proper address) to  Your bids for the current sale should be sent by 15:00 Central Time (GMT-6) on the day before sale. Please include

Please Note: Your secretary only converts a spreadsheet to a web page and does not see the lots until the meeting.

If your bid is successful, you will be contacted immediately after the sale with instructions how to make payment and receive your lots. Only checks or cash are accepted.

Please While we will gladly accept floor bids from any visitors, mail bids are only accepted from members. Come visit us soon!

We are not an auction company and all volunteers!

For information about the or any other philatelic organizations in the St. Louis metro area, please drop us a line.

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